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Boost Email Marketing
Client editor
Create Great Looking Emails with the WYSIWYG Editor

Boost Email allows you to store and use multiple templates for your email marketing campaigns. Select the one you want to run and start editing immediately. You can see live previews and keep editing at any stage. Run out of time - no problem, your changes are saved allowing you to return to the editing whenever you like. No photo sizing issues either as Boost does this automatically for you. It couldn't be any easier!

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Email data collection
Ready to Send? Upload and Manage your Contact List

Managing your email lists is a breeze. Once uploaded Boost handles the rest with the ability to segment and personalise your campaigns. To keep you the right side of the SPAM laws Boost automatically looks after those who unsubscribe, creating a suppression list. Boost also allows you to fully customise your email data capture process and sort and send by specific data. It's time to say good bye to complicated spreadsheets.

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SPAM test results
Test your Campaign with the Built in SPAM Filter

Boost's inbuilt SPAM filter allows you to test your campaign to minimise the likely hood that it's flagged as SPAM. One click and the results are compiled for you. You can also see how your E-newsletter will look in your clients email applications. With over 15 email application previews at hand you can ensure your campaign looks right and works everytime.

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Email clients breakdown
See Who and When Your Campaign is Being Read and What the Most Popular Links are.

Boost's comprehensive reports and analytics gives you real time data as soon as the campaign has been sent. Track exactly which users on your list are opening the email, when they opened it and which links they followed. Boost give you a breakdown of opened, not opened, bounced, un-subscribed, link activity and even what email clients your clients use. Got your own CRM system and want to input this data? No problem Boost offers easy export of data. Boost has everything you need to tailor the perfect email campaign.

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