Key Features

Empowering our customers with rich features

Creating a Campaign

Boost is the perfect solutions for anyone looking to send professional, well designed, content rich emails to their customers or clients. With its easy to use interface and WYSIWYG content editor, creating fabulous emails couldn't be easier.

How it works
We design and build you a template or series of templates for your campaigns that convey your branding and these are stored online within Boost. You log-in to your account and start creating a new campaign, select which template you want to use and then add your content. That's the creation of the e-newsletter dealt with.

Your list of contacts can be imported, entered manually or both. Now you have the list of contacts you just need to set up a few list rules, test your newsletter in the spam filters and when you're happy schedule the date and time you would like it sent. That's it - Email campaign ready to go.

Once it's been sent you can log-in at any time to check on the reporting. See how many on your recipient list opened the email, when and which links were clicked and how many times this happened.

That's how easy it is to create an email campaign with Boost.

Reporting and Analytics - Campaign overview to individual recipient

Boost provides you with great looking, easy to understand reports, giving you an instant campaign overview right through to the actions of each individual recipient of your email.

Example report 1

Easily measure the success of your campaign:

  • Campaign overview snapshot for quick reference
  • Unique openings
  • Subsequent openings
  • Recipient behaviour - What links were clicked and when
  • Most popular links
  • Who forwarded to a friend
  • Unopened emails
  • Bounce summary
  • Most popular email clients - percentage breakdown


If you use Google Analytics, we can automatically tag any links so that you can track the results of campaigns, including the number of sales it resulted in, conversion rates and even total revenues.

Example report 2

Managing email lists and subscribers

Whatever the size of your email list Boost makes the management easy. With fully automated bounce and unsubscribe; suppression list creation your never have to worry.

No need for complicated spreadsheets
Boost handles every new signup, unsubscribe, bounce and even spam - all without you having to think about any of it. Boost ensures you keep on the right side of the law regarding spam emails. Every email you send will include an unsubscribe link as standard and our user preference area allows subscribers to manage their own subscription.

Signup options
Email data collection If you have groups within your list you want to send email to, Boost gives you the flexibility to create as many lists as you need with no additional cost. In addition to this, with Boost you can customise the entire signup and unsubscribe process to each list allowing you to specify unique web entry pages and unique joining emails as subscribers join.

Personalise your emails
With custom data, you can easily capture anything and everything about your subscribers like age, address or gender. When you send emails, you can include any custom data you've collected in the email itself.

Boost allows you to fully customise your email data capture. Whether that be age, favorite product or colour, the data collection can be set to exactly what you want. Now you have that data, you can use it to tailor your outgoing campaign. Send only to those of a certain age that like red, for example. Boost makes it simple.

Boost Pricing

With Boost's competitive price plan which is based on a 'Pay For What You Use - When You Use It' policy - it couldn't be easier. No monthly charges, no credit bundles that have to be used. Simply pay as you use.

Free account setup
£15 campaign delivery fee

50,000+ emails = 1p
25,000+ emails = 1.1p
10,000+ emails = 1.2p
5,000+ emails = 1.4p
5000 or less emails = 1.5p

As example, if you had an email campaign with 3000 subscribers, you would pay a total of £60
That's £15 for the campaign and £45 for the recipients (1.5p x 3000).

Template creation is charged at between £100 and £400, depending on the complexity of the design. If you have an idea of what you are after then get in touch and we will give you a quote.

Boost Full Feature List

Great looking emails

Easy to edit templates

  • Simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Re-usable templates
  • See screenshots of your email in 20+ email clients
  • Run your email through popular spam filters
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Free campaign archive
Deliverability and data security

Boost's extra features to ensure deliverability and compliance.

  • Smart Bounce processing
  • Support for Domain Keys
  • Support for Sender ID
  • ISP feedback loop integration
  • Whitelisted at major ISPs
  • Industry leading mail servers
  • Strict permission policy
Reporting and analytics

Campaign overview through to individual users data.

  • Great looking interactive charts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Open and click tracking
  • Forward to a Friend reports
  • Unsubscribe reports
  • Bounce reports
  • Spam complaint reports
  • Track conversions and ROI
  • Compare multiple campaigns
  • Export reports to Excel
Manage lists and subscribers
Manage lists and subscribers

Effortless management, segmentation and personalisation of your lists.

  • Manage your own subscribers
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Subscribe forms for your website
  • Customise the subscribe and unsubscribe process
  • Confirmed Opt-in
  • Suppression lists
  • Custom fields
  • Flexible import process
  • Export lists to Excel